Your PHOTO!  Custom Kit!
Your PHOTO!  Custom Kit!

Your PHOTO! Custom Kit!

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Upload your own photo from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Google drive and most other applications, and we'll transfigure it into a personalized acrylic paint-by-number canvas! 

Pets, family, vacation spots, favorite cars...what photo comes to mind for you?

Nearly any image can be turned into a paint by numbers creation and there are three sizes from which to choose. If you are interested in other sizes, please email us at and we'll work it out if we can!

1. Consider your subject in the photo. It is much better to have one subject rather than many; and the subject content should take up 2/3 (two-thirds) of the canvas. Too small a canvas will result in difficulty in printing and seeing the numbers clearly on photos with a lot of extra going on. Consider cropping these.

2. High resolution photos will result in the best detail. We may contact you within 2 business days and ask for a higher quality image.

3. We recommend you select a size that is closest to the aspect ratio of the picture to eliminate or reduce chance of distortion. That is, select a square canvas option for a square photo and a rectangle option for a rectangle photo. You may request a review of the kit image before purchasing your kit.  We cannot see open carts, so just attach the photo and email your pre-review request to 

4. All customs kits can be pre-stretched, meaning the canvas has been pre-stretched on wooden stretcher bars so it will be ready to hang on your wall once painted. Simply choose that option instead of rolled canvas. Love your photo, but no time for painting?  Select Premium and our professionals will personally stretch, paint and ship your one-of-a-kind masterpiece ready to hang!  We don't start until you order, so remember to allow 2-3 additional weeks on all premium selections.

5. Every custom paint-by-numbers kit includes a linen canvas, acrylic paints, three quality brushes, a paper map, painting tips and picture hangers.

Custom orders are normally processed in 7 business days, as we collect custom orders throughout the week and process them collectively. COVID19 HAS RESULTED IN DELAYS OF PRODUCT SHIPMENTS.  Please allow up to six weeks to receive your custom kit. We will update this time-frame as soon as we see custom orders being fulfilled and sent to us on a timely basis. We strive hard to beat that time. But if there is any unforeseen delay, you'll receive a full refund and your kit! And shipping is always free on our custom kits

We appreciate your business! Please give us a review on our website along with a shot of your finished custom painting on Instagram @painterscount or on our Facebook page, Painters Count! 

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