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Here are some of the top questions we see in our inbox.  Thanks for asking them.  We want to make sure you are super happy!


  1. When will my order arrive?  We ship via USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail within unless the item is specifically marked *PRE-SALE*. YAY!  Tip: Get your orders in early for the holidays.  That's when it's more likely to extend to a week.  We will always tell you the cut off date for Christmas guaranteed delivery in the terms and conditions at check out.  If you have ordered a *PRE-SALE* item, note that pre-sales are only run for 72 hours.  At the end of that time, all sales will be sorted by product and we will place one order with our manufacturer.  Please allow up to three weeks for a pre-sale order delivery. We will make every attempt to fulfill it before then. 
  2. Can I do a custom designed picture?  Absolutely! In fact, custom kits are our most sought after item!  Just look for “Custom” at the top of our Home Page. It’s super easy to upload your photo.
  3. Can I get an update on my order?  Sure can! You'll get an update emailed to you upon ordering.  Then you'll get another one once it's been shipped out.  It will include the USPS tracking number. YAY again!
Does it matter where I start painting?  
We recommend laying your rolled canvas out on a flat surface and securing with binder clips to keep the canvas stretched.  Then work with one color (number) at a time, working from the top of the painting to the bottom. The paint is less likely to start drying out if you use it from start to finish before moving on to other colors. However, it’s truly up to you. Start with dark colors first to give a great “outline” of the picture; or paint the background first and leave the true subject matter for last. No matter how you paint, cap the paint pots tightly to maintain its quality.
What is the difference between adult and children’s paintings? 
Two things!  The painting's size and its level of detail.  You will find the size of the canvas in each product's description. Kids' paintings can be for kids and adults; but they are marked "Kids" to let you know that it is appropriate for a child who knows his or her numbers from 1 - 12 and has small motor skills to be able to paint in smaller areas.
Are the brushes re-usable?
Yes!  While others give a lower value set with their kits, we want to give you the best paint-by-number experience out there by including our hand-selected and self-designed 4-piece gold taklon set with every adult kit at NO extra cost. With proper care, they will last a long time. Dip them lightly in water before dipping into the paint, and when you are finished with your brush at that sitting, gently wash it with mild soap and warm water. Then carefully absorb excess water with a paper towel and reshape the bristles. Always store your brushes bristles up. Make sure to let your friends know about these brushes. If they are struggling to paint a kit purchased elsewhere, they can buy our brushes separately.  
Do the paintings come framed? 
We have found that customers have their reasons for framing and not framing. We’re here to meet your need. Every adult kit can be ordered already framed (pre-stretched using quality pine stretcher bars made in the USA) as well as unframed (which will come as a rolled canvas, never folded).
Let us know if you have any other questions.  We are grateful for you and want to make sure you are spoiled when you order paint-by-number kits from us. Our email is Our customer service manager will get back to you within 24 hours - M-F, excluding federal holidays.