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Welcome to 2021!

You made it! 

We are so blessed to be here doing what we love. In all the ups and downs of last year, we saw a tremendous boost in customers who found that painting-by-numbers as adults is a great way to spend time when you're cooped up inside. Helping others cope during 2020 brought much satisfaction to us.

Read on to learn what changed last year and where we're going this year...  


Kits went out the door like hotcakes, and we did our best to keep up with the demand. With this added success, we were able to manufacture our own branded brush set, specifically designed with you in mind. 

Gold Taklon outperforms one-time use brushes every time. You'll really notice the quality with every brushstroke. Our brushes are double-crimped to keep bristles intact and not hiding in your paints or on the canvas. Other companies give you a standard kit with three cheap brushes. Painters Count gold taklon brush sets include four; one for every need: 5/0 detail for whiskers and other tiny areas, a 2.0 round, 3.0 flat, and 4.0 filbert. This set is competitively priced for its quality and can be purchased on its own, but with you in mind, we want to provide the best paint-by-number experience you can find, so one set comes standard with every kit order, (small children's kits excluded).  That's right! Standard, no extra charge. All we ask is that you take good care in cleaning them, and drop a review on our product page at Painters Count Taklon Brush Set  Thanks in advance for that!


for the
Find them now at our Digital Downloads Collection. We have incorporated our love of animals and in particular, animal rescue by creating our first freebies in the images of some of our own rescued fur-babies. Best of all, there are two versions of each product: a clean coloring page ready for your child's creative artistry, AND a color-by-number version to introduce them to skill development of matching numbers to colors, where they'll eventually graduate to the children's paint-by-number kits. Before you know it, they'll be ready to tackle the adult kits! We're super excited to offer choices to all ages here at Painters Count and hope you'll take advantage of these free printables! We plan on adding more pages you'll love to download and print for your kids! PS. They're also great for those suffering with dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.
Here are just a few:

As a small business, we love supporting other small businessmen and women. Two years ago, we created a powerful collection of photographic work through collaboration with Midwest photographers, licensing their brilliant color prints and one-of-a-kind works captured through their lens. 

Find them now in our Painters Count Exclusives Collection. New kits to be added in 2021 include the Teton Mountains, Sunflower Fields, Chocolate Lab Pup, Daisies, Rustic Barn and more. All kits in this collection are All Rights Reserved.


Painters Count is on Facebook and Instagram. Like us and follow us for uplifting content and special deals. Just look for our name. In addition to our business page, in January 2021 we launched "Custom Paint by Numbers" group on Facebook!  This is a private group where you can share your custom masterpieces and join others who can appreciate the story behind the photo and all the love and time put into your paintings. Everyone is welcome, but no advertising other sites. Please join and see how big we can grow in 2021!
Much love from the Painters Count family to yours! 
See you soon at


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