Letting Go

Hoping this finds you well and happy!  I am both, albeit I’m feeling a little like letting go of a grown child.

After soul-searching and thoughtful prayer, we have decided to close our Painters Count shop, at least for now.  We may appear in the future with a more targeted look at unique products.  Running a small business in the heartland of the United States has been a dream that I have been able to do for several years.  I have been so blessed!

But it’s time to let go.  2021 has found me unable to spend the hours so badly needed to keep on top of the shop, and I don’t do aspire to do anything half-way, at least not on purpose!  It has also been tough to compete with China pricing through Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba and eBay. That in turn, means inability to offer an endless variety of kits. All of ours are here and shipped within 48 hours on average.

We feel we have grown a lot since 2018 to provide the very best experience for our customers as possible: better packaging, periodic sales, and most importantly, customer service. With you in mind, we treated every single customer, subscriber and inquirers with top priority, fairness, and genuine care.

Ways we strive to out-perform our competitors is by ensuring we have

  • stored our products safely, temperature-controlled environment, free from dust and dirt;
  •  kept our linen canvases wrinkle and crease-free;
  • manufactured our own brushes for top quality and lasting use, and then made the four-piece set standard with every adult kit, something most other companies charge extra for;
  • checked each paint pot for fluidity and even flow prior assembling the kit for shipping;
  • bought American-made stretcher bars and shipping products and accessories;
  • offered pre-stretched option; stretching the canvas here in house.
  • included painting tips with each package and a small magnifier for those tiny spots, you know the ones!
  • partnered with Missouri photographers to showcase their amazing work thru exclusive kits;
  • responded to every inquiry promptly, professionally, and friendly;
  • processed refunds fairly, and proud to say, rarely requested!

We are proud to have sent several hundred kits out for adults and children, and free downloads to the littlest kids in our short three years!

Thank you for being a part of the Painters Count family.
We appreciate you all so much!

                                                                Much love, Debbie

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